Thursday, June 12, 2014

Getting to Know Christian Rapper/Speaker Javier Cruz.. music, marriage & the Gospel

Javier Cruz is a dedicated to glorifying God through Rap and speaking. He and his wife have a huge heart for ministry and sharing the Gospel to all the world. Check out his website     for his blog, tour dates, and be sure to download his FREE mixtape "Shine Before Men"

◆Alright so many of my readers are meeting you for the first time,  what is one thing you'd like them to know about you?

When I first got saved, my friend used to sit next to me in service and every Sunday he would tell me, "Bro, you should do a rap about Jesus!" I repeatedly shot him down and explained that you couldn't make Jesus sound cool in a rap song. He aptly replied with, "Yea, but you could be the guy that changes that." That's how my gospel rap career started.

◆What is your process for writing a song? Do you purposefully make time to write or do the lyrics just come to you?

Actually, both! My most common approach is this: I will make the beat first, listen to it for a couple of days, then brainstorm and pray about what the topic of the song should be. From there, spend the next few days writing and re-writing. It's a pretty boring process, but in my mind it is exciting because that is when I get to be the most creative. However, even when I am not purposefully writing a song, I'll often come up with lyrics and write them down in the back of my journal. It makes for a good kickstart when I'm battling writer's block.

◆I know you are recently married, please share a word of wisdom you have learned as a newlywed:

Expectation Communication!!! The pastor that married us hammered that into our heads during premarital counseling. Initially we really struggled with telling one another what we REALLY wanted. For example, my wife's love language is quality time. To me, that just meant that all I had to do was be in the same room with her. She made it clear to me that quality time, to her, means giving her my undivided attention and engaging in an intentional conversation. Now, when I get the hint that her love tank is dwindling, I know exactly what she is trying to communicate to me. Before that, I would just get frustrated because she was upset and I didn't understand why.

◆How has the Gospel impacted your life thus far?

Oh man, where do I begin! Well, it has forced me to change my outlook on life. How i view money, time, people, relationships, education, EVERYTHING! Because of the gospel, I chose to marry who I married, I changed my major, I make an effort to live frugally, etc. I almost feel like i'm boasting but the point I am trying to make is that I am a completely different person because of  the good new of Jesus. I'm thoroughly confident that several people in my life can attest to that, especially the ones who knew me before I met Jesus. God has truly given me a heart for youth ministry and I get lots of opportunities to minister to them through music that they find appealing and relatable. That is a mission field that my heart is burdened for and if it weren't for the gospel, I don't even know what I would be doing…it kinda scares me to think where I would've ended up had it not been for God's grace and mercy.

Javie and his wife Rox have three huge goals:

1) Travel the country (especially in the summer) to speak and perform for camps, churches, and faith-based programs.

2) Not be tied down by debt and be available for missions trips whenever God calls.

3)Live in a camper full-time for at least 3 years in order to STOP renting a home and be able to save what we do have to build a shipping container home and eventually adopt/foster many kids and teens

If there is any way you can give to support them please go to   to contact them or donate.

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