Sunday, June 8, 2014

Banana-peanut butter ice cream

I heard about homemade healthy  ice cream on a nutrition video I came across the other day and since I had some bananas at home I decided to try it out. (I hear you can also try this recipe out with mango and other fruits but I've yet to try it).

First cut bananas into smaller pieces and freeze for a few hours. Since I really love this recipe I will always keep a supply of frozen bananas on hand.

I took about 2 bananas and put them into my food processor, you can also use a blender if you have one. 

Keep processing until it has a smooth and creamy texture 

If your a peanut butter lover like me,now you can add about a tablespoon into the processor (if you don't like peanut butter then scoop out banana ice cream an enjoy)

Process for a few seconds until blended 

And that's it
Super easy and quick way to make healthy banana-peanut butter ice cream

 Enjoy :)