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Mothers: Do Not Grow Weary: Pt 2 Sarah Edwards

Being a mother and staying committed to raising children in the Lords ways can prove to be a daunting task.  I pray everyday that God grants me wisdom to raise my daughter in a way that honors and glorifies Him.
With that being said ive started a series on learning about strong Godly women  of the faith, who were either married to influential men of Christianity and or had children that were very influential.

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Today I want look at Sarah Edwards the wife of Jonathan Edwards who
                "played a leading role in The Great Evangelical Awakening (1735-1744) Jonathan Edwards has been recognised, even by secular historians, as one of the most original thinkers, and influential intellectuals in the history of New England and of American theology. He has also been described as: “America’s greatest theologian.”1

Jonathan spent many hours studying and preparing for ministry so that left much responsibility of raising their 11 children, 3 sons and 8 daughters (10 which made it to adult) to Sarah.

                 "Sarah worked hard to rear godly children, dealing immediately with sin when it showed itself. The many people who visited the home were impressed by the peace which flourished in the home. There was none of the quarreling or coldness so common in other homes. Husband and wife supported and admired each other. They prayed daily together. Evangelist George Whitefield, after spending a few days in the calm, happy Edwards home, was so impressed that he determined to get married himself. "A sweeter couple I have not yet seen," he enthused.Jonathan himself saw home life as a living lesson in faith. In his sermon, "2

                 "She disciplined her children with gentleness and firmness. The children demonstrated great respect for their parents, rising from their seats whenever their mother or father entered the room. Jonathan also took part in the rearing of their children, but the remarkable torrents of revival and his proclivity toward studying often occupied his time. He was always available for his family, but Sarah bore the greatest load in rearing the children."3

The impact this family had on society was due much to the dedication and hardwork of Sarah and the work of God in her.

                  "Her children grew up to raise their children in the same manner she had used and this method was passed on for generations. The impact that she had is evident when looking at the family that followed her. By 1900 her descendants included:
13 college presidents
65 professors
100 lawyers and a dean of a law school
30 judges
66 physicians and a dean of a medical school
80 holders of public office:3 United States senators, mayors of 3 large cities, governors of three states, a vice-president of the United States, a controller of the United States treasury
Almost all of her male descendants had college degrees and many earned graduate degrees at times when such and advanced education was uncommon. Even the women were described by their contemporaries as remarkably intelligent at a time when women were not highly educated. Members of the family had written 135 books and edited 18 journals and periodicals, and many followed their patriarch’s example by becoming ministers and missionaries.2 Sarah and Jonathan, through no plan or will of their own, had started a family that would continue to be blessed long after their presence on earth had ended. Again, it was Sarah’s deep faith that enabled her to raise such a strong and lasting family."4

Without Sarahs deep rooted faith in God and her perservance to continually share the gospel with her children, we would not see the kind of influence her family has made in society and especially in glorifying Christ above all else.

Let her story encourage you mothers. Never grow weary in sharing Christ with your family. Never cease to pray for your children and future generations. Stand by your husband and support him in the calling God has for his life.  You never know if God will raise up a future generations from your offspring to showcase His glory.


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  1. So fascinating. What a legacy she left in her offspring! Would love for you to share at Fridays Unfolded!


  2. I love this story! Thanks for doing the research and sharing with your readers. Nina @ mamas*little*treasures

  3. Thank you for sharing this tribute to a Godly woman Sarah Edwards, who raised her children with gentleness yet strictness. The legacy she left was present in each of their children and it followed through to her descendents as well.

  4. Wow what an interesting story. so glad you shared it...