Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Embark:FREE Spoken Word by Quina

I had the privilege of recording violin on a free spoken word project done by Quina Parchment. Please check out her website  :http://www.quinaishidden.com/book-one-embark/ ,To find out more info on the project and to download the first book.

Book One | Embark includes the first 7 tracks (we’ll call them chapters in

keeping with the saga theme) of the spoken word project. Book One includes part 1 of a feature by Joe Solomon of chaseGod.tv, as well as music from Bellarive, Ian McIntosh, The Frozen Ocean, and The Ember Days. Book One is entitled “Embark” because it highlights some of the beginning sentiments and experiences of the saint in the eternal saga. Chapter (track) one is a story about conversion, and so begins the saga…

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