Saturday, January 4, 2014

For the Mamas

Happy new year everyone

I just wanted to share two things with you all: one will benefit your physical body and the  other a sermon that will encourage you in your calling of motherhood.

I know as a mom its hard to find time to workout and its especially hard if you don't have a gym membership. Normally I go for walks, or jogs with my daughter in her stroller but lately I've been wanting to challenge myself more. So I searched the Internet and came across this website: They offer free workout videos and nutrition tips. I started doing the 20min warrior videos while my baby naps and let me tell you I feel the burn. Taking care of our physical bodies is just one way we can worship God and be healthy enough for whatever he calls us to do.

The second thing I wanted to share is the link to a John Piper sermon called "Honoring the Call of Motherhood" 
Piper encourages the mom who wishes to honor God above all else.
He touches on three parts of the call of motherhood:
1. Marriage- husband and wife are a gospel reenactment of Christ and the church.
2. Motherhood- pouring into the next generation pointing them to a Christ exalting world view.
3. Home management- creating a simple and beautiful place, for the sake of family, community, church,  and nation. A place of refuge in the peace of Christ,  a place of launching righteousness and justice in the community.

These are a few notes from the sermon I took, so your just gonna have to watch the video to get the full context.
Be encouraged mom and emrace the calling of motherhood God has
For you.

Also here is the link to the full sermon if you cant watch it you can read it in full:

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