Saturday, May 26, 2012



Our culture is obsessed with emotions. “Feelings” have become the new buzz word! Watch any talk show or listen to any news program and It doesn’t take long before you will hear this phrase...”So how did that make you feel when X,Y,Z happend to you?” Emotions are not a bad thing, don’t get me wrong.! But, emotions and feelings don’t think, They just react! Feelings don’t really think at all. They’re too busy reacting to our  thoughts! God is not a feeling you get when you’re happy! In fact, God is not a emotion at all! He is the Triune being that exists in three persons.    

I’m not trying to belittle you if you’re a person who is naturally sensitive. And I’m not saying those of us that are sensitive are pathetic in any way! A king's table is a noble hiding-place for those of us with lame legs, and at the gospel feast, we earn to glory in infirmities, because it’s the power of Christ that rests upon us. Yet our grievous disability may mar us. Yes, even the best-loved saints.

We are sheep! Not wolves! The wolf doesn’t love anyone nor can he. The sheep; even though is a distracted follower of the shepherd, is still able to love others! Saints whose faith is weak, and whose knowledge is slim, suffer great losses! They are exposed to many enemies, and cannot follow the king wherever he goes.

This disease frequently arises from falls. When they sin, and have fallen into sins in the past. When they were young like babes in the Faith- Bad nursing in their spiritual infancy often causes converts to fall into a despondency from which they never recover. If they continue on this counterfeit milk; recovery will be the least of their problems .In the case of a wolf, he may be greedy, fierce, or filthy, but he has no conscience to violate, no Holy Spirit to resist or wrestle with. If you are a sheep, learn to follow HIM. It can only come from abiding in HIM..Lord, help the lame to leap like a dear,( Isaiah 35:6) and satisfy all your people with the bread of your table!(John 6:58)

Luther Conigliaro

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