Sunday, February 22, 2015

"A Call to Scripture Memory" by Susan Heck

A friend of mine recommended Susan Heck to me because I was looking for female teachers who presented the Word of God without fluff, presented the Word of God accurately and encouraged women to live a life worthy of the Lord in all that they do. I can say that Susan definitely exhibits all three characteristics I just mentioned.

This past Christmas my parents gifted me with three of Susan's books - "A Call to Discipleship", "With The Master:In Fullness of Joy", and the book I want to tell you about today called "A Call to Scripture Memory."

This is a quick easy to read book pamphlet that you can finish within an hour since it is only 21 pages. Although Short it is packed full of reasons why women specifically should memorize scripture and why we should memorize full passages. This is a description taken from Susan's website: With The Master :

This is a women's challenge and a methodology to memorize large portions of God's Word. It answers the questions: Who should memorize Scripture? Why should we memorize Scripture?What Scripture should we memorize? Where should we memorize Scripture? How does one memorize Scripture? Also within this booklet you will find 11 reasons why you should memorize Scriptrue, and valuable tools to teach you how, what, and when.

One of the most interesting reasons Susan gives for memorizing scripture is that if God allows us to reach an old age what do we want coming out of our mouths? She says "How we act as we get older is really who we were when we were younger, but that we can't mask it any more." She goes on to say "So, you better start transforming your mind now." 

Memorizing Scripture is one of the only ways to constantly keep our minds stayed on Christ and encourage others, especially in times were we don't have access to a physical bible.

So go get the book and be sure to check out these links for more on memorizing scripture


  1. Susan sounds like a winner to me. Your sharing is valuable. Thank you!

  2. There are many women teachers who fit your need, and this writer is dear to you. I can see why you enjoy her book on memorizing scripture. As a child my mother gave us a verse each week to memorize. Those words hidden in our hearts are available for download when the need arises. Thank you for sharing at Tell me a Story.