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Thoughts on Women and Apologetics by Robin Wilson

Guest post by Robin Wilson
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Why do you think many woman tend to stay away from apologetics in the local church?

Many women tend to by nature want to be peace makers and get uncomfortable by the debate like discussion groups. Men are very different than women in they way the talk with one another, they can have lively debates and not take things personally, yet often women get "hurt" if they are not agreed with. Women that grew up with brothers, work in all male environments, or hang out more with Dad will survive in that atmosphere and enjoy this exchange. Some women may feel also that in a church setting they need to be more "silent" than the men. Some do not feel comfortable with their Bible and apologetics knowledge and are insecure.

How can you draw women out?

If you change the format a bit this can help..... divide the women and men in two groups separate from each other. Discuss the topic with all women let them flesh it out together, have at least one person with the most knowledge teach the group, then after a period of discussion join the men and have the last half of the get together with both men and women on the same topic. If you find that they are still silent, take note of good points made by certain women in the all woman group and ask them to share their thoughts in the mixed group. This will give them confidence to speak, esp. if they are asked to share a good point they have in the mixed group.

Often you have to remember that in society strong willed out spoken women get negative feedback, but not so for men. I was the Tom boy growing up, have a brother, was a Daddy's girl, worked in a hospital with many male doctors with strong personalities and it was survival of the fittest. I had to fish or cut bait. My Dad was a very good strong influence on me. He told me I was smart, and could do anything I wanted. He taught me that it was me and God in this world that I needed no one else...... He made me an independent woman not afraid to change a car tire, work on machines, do plumbing, go to college, play baseball and softball, and be confident in who I was as a person. Not all women have that. So you may need to work with your sisters in Christ that are not as confident.

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