Tuesday, January 28, 2014

4 Things to learn From George Whitefield

I just finished reading "A Sketch of the Life and Labors of George Whitefield" by John Charles Rye and I wanted to share a few points that really spoke to me. If you want to hear more about Whitefield I highly recommend watching this YouTube video:The Power of God in George Whitefields Life by Steve Lawson
Its a long one so if your short on time watch this Preview of Steve Lawsons message its only 12 min.

For Another great resource to learn more on Whitefield click Here

George Whitelfield was born in the 1700's and is a well know preacher of the Gospel. God used him to attract thousands of people to his open air sermons to be forever changed by Jesus Christ. 

Now these are things about Whitefield  that I pray God puts in me and you when sharing the Gospel with the world. 

1. "He was a simple, guileless man,who lived for one thing only, and that was to preach Christ. If he succeeded in doing that effectually,he cared for nothing ele. He did nothing to preserve the memory of his usefulness. He left his work with The Lord."

2. "He saw clearly that the most powerful weapon against such men (skeptics) is not metaphysical reasoning and critical disquisition; but preaching the whole gospel, living the whole gospel, and spreading the whole gospel."

3. "He did not wait for souls to come to him,  but he went after souls. He did not sit tamely by his fireside,mourning over the wickedness of the land. He went fourth to beard the devil in his high places. He attacked sin and wickedness face to face, and gave them no peace. He dived into holes and corners after sinners. He hunted ignorance and vice, wherever it could be found."

4.(Wesley on Whitefields theology) 
"Give God all the glory of whatever is good in man: set Christ as high and man as low as possible, in the business of salvation. All merit is in the blood of Christ, and all power is from the spirit of Christ."

I pray that these 4 points about George Whitefield make us approach sharing the gospel as he did. Full on confrontation of sin and magnifying Christ above all else. 

Be encouraged as you strive for a Lifestyle of Worship

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